4 réflexions au sujet de « Couteau de Chasse »

  1. Franz

    Quel est l’interet de l’éclair qui rend un point de fatigue? N’importe quel héros peut utiliser un éclair pour récupérer un point de fatigue non?

      1. Jodie

        Thanks for your input Birdie and Christine! Yeah, Firefox is what we normally use on our iMac, must be the difference. I’ll have to see about installing Mozilla here on this old laptop, especially since it’s looking like we’ll be reduced to using it for awhile. Hopefully it won’t slow it down even more.Jenny, I’m so sorry to hear yo1;u82#7&ve been feeling so bad lately. I’m glad you’ve had help around the house though, what timeliness! You can email me anytime, and I’ll get it now that I’m able to check my emails regularly again.


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